Short Bio

I’m eager to learn and do many things. I think it’s caused by what I learned in college. I studied engineering physics in ITB (2006-2011). Back then as a student, we taught that engineering physics is all in one engineering, we learn anything about engineering (civil, electrical, machine, etc you named it).

In the stressful college-life, we taught that we should have wide knowledge, not so deep, but wide. It is a joke back then (still laughing 😂), but right now, as an entrepreneur, i think it is very useful to have vast knowledge about technology.

“(If you are went to Engineering Physic Dept.) You are lost in right direction” -Prof. Hermawan K. Dipojono-

I really interested in business and technology development. After I finished my bachelor’s degree, I take a course program about technology transfer and innovation management in German (2011-2012). I also take a course about digital startup at GIST Global Camp (2013). I learned more about startup and technology enablers at a short course program organized by QUT Australia in 2017.

I juggling my daily work activity as a CEO of Ruangreka, CBDO of Nuesto Tech, and managing some other project and business. I also work as a technology transfer consultant in Altek Indonesia, which I and my fellow German alumni program founded.

I really love good movies (any kind). Almost every day I am watching a movie. My most favorite genre is HEIST. The Heist film is a subgenre of the crime film. It focuses on the planning, execution, and aftermath of a theft. A typical film includes many plot twists, with the focus on the characters’ attempts to formulate a plan, carry it out, and escape with the goods. I really love that kind of film.

I live in Bandung in Indonesia. It is often called Paris van Java. It is a very lovely city to live in.

About This Blog

This blog is my personal notes about my life, ideas, and perspectives. Sometimes I will write about something serious like a world problem, some other time I just write about how good the coffee shop around the corner. I will write about startup business, traveling tips, recommended book/movie/food, and my thought about social problems. I also write poetry (Sajak)! Surprisingly Sajak is the only category that I saved from my previous blog (pastipanji.wordpress.com) before I deleted it.

I bought this domain (prabowo.id) around 2013-2014. Back then, TDL (top-level domain) .ID just come up, it is exclusive and expensive. At that time there was a presidential election, and one of the candidate names is Prabowo. So, I sell this domain to his supporter (the price is classified ✌). Since then I try to buy back this domain, and just in this year (2017) the ownership of the domain is open, so, I bought it again. 😝

So.. welcome to my blog…

If you had anything to ask, just leave it in the comment section or email me at panji@prabowo.id. Thanks…